Swim with the dolphins in Mauritius

Our main tour throughout the year in Mauritius is the unique encounter with dolphins in their natural surroundings – unlike those one may see elsewhere while they are being fed or even kept in captivity in enclosed areas in the sea. Depending on the season, our speedboat leaves at around 5 am so you need to expect a very early pick up time.

The speedboats, a 20 and 22 ft Legends with a 140/150 PS motor, can take six7eight guests excluding the crew. Fins can be provided, please bring your own mask and snorkel. In exceptional cases such as during servicing or inspection, we may have to use a different boat. Please wear your swimming suits under your clothes if you wish to go swimming with the dolphins. Short clothing is recommended for ease in boarding as we will do so directly from the beach. Also, make sure your mobile phones are fully charged before you leave.

Very important: You should be familiar with the use of mask and fins as there will be no time to learn on the spot. Swimming with a life jacket is awkward and also indicates that you are not a good swimmer. We expect you to be reasonably fit physically and for your own safety, we reserve the right to approve or forbid a jump into the water should we detect any sign of insecurity.

Duration from / to Tamarin 1.5 - 2 hours
Price 45,00 €
transfer from / to hotel can be booked at an additional cost
Food breakfast & coffee at the beach or in a small coffee shop
Fitness good swimmers for those who want to swim with the dolphins
Language   English
Climate sun protection is recommended
Hygiene   toilets available before and after the trip
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