Individual excursions

Our experience over the past years has helped us to design tours which offer a more personal experience of the charms of Mauritius - in English or German, whichever language you feel more at ease with. 
Excursions of a special kind await you, in a form which you will hardly find elsewhere - always closely experiencing nature, landscape and animals as far away from the masses as possible. As for our English speaking employees, they are not only competent and experienced - they will be more of a ‘travel companion’ than a mere tour guide for you.

We cannot and do not want to offer visits of any shopping malls.

None of our tours include any visits from various factory shops or similar.

Please note: 

All our tours are insured in accordance with the requirements of the MTA (Mauritius Tourism Authority) and this also applies to all our cooperating partners. We work with the relevant license and have additional insurance for our guests. Our registration number with the MTA is DMC 13417. You are insured and safe on our tours. Only holders of this certificate are authorized to offer, plan and operate tours. In order to explain the wide  differences in prices for tours which you may encounter, we feel obliged to inform you that you are not insured with private providers and private tour guides who rent cars to drive guests around. You may eventually face legal consequences as a customer if you participate in such tours. In the event of an accident, you may even find the insurance coverage you have booked in your country to be invalid.