Premium Visa

30.11.2020 05:05:44 |
Premium Visa
Mauritius, one of the most beautiful islands in the world, has introduced a Premium Travel Visa, valid for a period of one year, renewable, to welcome esteemed travellers seeking to prolong their feeling of wellness arising from the gorgeous turquoise blue sea with silky sand beaches, tropical lagoons, the lush greens, the warmth and friendliness of locals, all in a COVID-safe destination.

About the Visa
The Premium Visa aims at encouraging foreign nationals to come for a long stay as a tourist, retiree or a professional willing to come with his/her family and carry out his business or work remotely from Mauritius, in a COVID-safe destination
It allows a non-citizen to stay in Mauritius for a period of one year, renewable.  

What is the validity period
The Premium Visa is valid for a period of one year and is renewable.
A premium visa is required for those who intend to stay in Mauritius for a period exceeding 180 days in a calendar year. For those staying for less than180 days, a tourist visa is granted on arrival to Mauritius. 

Which Documents are required

You will need:
a valid passport
copy of air ticket (including reservation for return ticket)
a passport size photo
a valid email address
pre-booking for accommodation (post-Quarantine)
travel and health insurance for the period of stay
proof of funds (bank statement or bank attestation) to meet the cost of stay in Mauritius (minimum amount of USD 1500/EUR 1300 for monthly expenditure per head and minimum amount of USD 500/EUR 400 for each dependent below 24 years old)

Important Note:
Ensure that pre-booking for Quarantine accommodation is also made prior to the date of travel.
Any document of a foreign language shall be accompanied by a certified translation in either English or French language

Health Protocols
All passengers under Premium Visa will have to go through the sanitary and health protocols established by the Ministry of Health and WellnessAll prospective passengers (including children and infants) travelling to Mauritius for the month of November and December 2020 must possess the following documents:

  1. a certificate of a negative COVID – 19 PCR test administered not more than 7 days prior to the date of boarding at the last point of embarkation.
  2. a valid air ticket to Mauritius; and
  3. proof of purchase of a travel package including accommodation, on a full board basis, at a designated hotel for a mandatory 14-day in-room quarantine. 
  4. Attention is also drawn to the fact that 
  5. any arriving passenger will have to undergo PCR tests on day of arrival, day 7 and day 14 following arrival: andif a PCR test reveals that a person is COVID-19 positive, he/she shall be transferred to a public medical institution for treatment.
I came to Mauritius on a Tourist Visa. Can i apply for a Premium Visa?
Yes, you can apply for a Premium Visa during your stay in Mauritius.

Can i acquire a residential property in Mauritius while being under a Premium Visa?
A foreign national may acquire a residential property developed under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), Real Estate Scheme (RES), Property Development Scheme (PDS) or Smart City Scheme (SCS). The foreign national is also allowed to acquire an apartment located in a building of at least ground plus two floors. In all questions here we can assist you.

Money spent in Mauritius through the use of foreign credit or debit cards would not be liable to tax. A person becomes a tax resident and therefore is liable to tax in Mauritius if he spends 183 days or more in the country.

Any other questions?
For any other questions about the Visa, Flight, Accomodation etc. you may contact our office by call or email.